Food Security Work

Food Security Work


CCRVI engages in various programs intended and designed to help foster:

  • a deeper awareness of the inter-relationships between us and the natural world which surrounds and feeds us as well as
  • a stronger experience of community (that is, a very real sense that “we are all in this together”) regarding our food supply.

Developing a English/European Allotment-Style Community Garden

The idea is to create a community garden based on the allotment model of community gardens used in England and Europe.

Read more about allotment gardens.

Support CCRVI's Food Security Work

Individuals, businesses, and organizations who wish to contribute to CCRVI's Food Security work may send checks payable to "CCRVI" (at the address given below) with a request that your donation be used for our Food Security work or you can donate via PayPal by clicking on the link below.

I'd like to make a donation via PayPal. I'd prefer that my donation be used to support CCRVI's Food Security Work.