West County Relief Fund

West County Relief Fund

In conjunction with the Greater Shelburne Falls Area Business Association (www.gsfaba.org), CCRVI established the West County Relief Fund in September 2011. The Fund was established for people and organizations who wished to donate money to provide direct relief to those affected by the Hurricane Irene (August 28, 2011) floods in the western part of Franklin County, Massachusetts. The funds collected were distributed in the Spring of 2012 to individuals, families, and businesses affected by the flooding.

The Fund is now developing a longer-term program to provide relief funds to the community as required due to individual, family, and community-wide difficulties or disasters which may occur in the future.

We are seeking an intern or volunteer to help us take this next step. Call if you are interested.

Individuals, businesses, and organizations who wish to contribute to the Fund may send checks payable to "CCRVI" or "WCRF" at the address given below or donate via PayPal. If you donate at least $20.00, we will send you a "Heart of 10 Communities" T-shirt. Selling these T-shirts was one of our first fund-raising efforts for the Fund in the early days after the flood. Click here to see the colors, styles, and sizes available.

I'd like to make a donation via PayPal. I'd prefer that my donation be used to support the West County Relief Fund.